quick demos of disruptive productivity

We even call it the metaverse for real work!

1 - 2D to 3D meetings (Future of Work)

Umniverse - 2D to 3D meetings (Epic 1)

Everyone becomes a power user sharing one or more screens, simultaneously! Shared YouTube videos are received directly from YouTube servers for more quality. Volume control, stop and play is also at everyone's reach. Convinced?

We offer productive meetings up to 10 participants, no more!

2 - Information Management (Future of Work)

Umniverse - Information Management (Epic 2)

Work related files in this square, domestic documents in another, fun stuff in a third square, easy and intuitively! Add to the hierarchical data structure a spatial configuration to get to your important information quickly.

Organize your information as in the office or at home, in 3D!

3 - Simultaneous Meetings (Future of Work)

Umniverse - Simultaneous Meetings (Epic 3)

A meeting with your closest work colleagues can be always on standby to ease reaching out when in a meeting with clients. Family and friends can also request assistance at any moment without disturbing.

Our 3D workspace enables multiple active/standby meetings!

4 - Virtual Reality (Future of Work)

Umniverse - Virtual reality (Epic 4)

After going from 2D to 3D, let's try now going to VR! The potential is huge but the challenge is to improve comfort and productivity.
We are just starting now to explore the huge potential of AR/MR...

The standards are evolving but we bet on WebXR - DOM Layer!

5 - Augmented Desktop (Future of Work)

Umniverse - Augmented Desktop (Epic 5)

Umniverse's 3D desktop can be greatly augmented!
Your home, work and social information easily organized.
The desktop enables moving objects between different groups.

Augment in the Center, Augment on the Top, Augment...

6 - Multiple Pages View (Future of Work)

Umniverse - Multiple Pages View (Epic 6)

Umniverse is known for the most smooth transition to 3D.
Nevertheless, it continues to innovate in 2D web pages.
Big size, namely ultrawide, monitors are now well served.

Let's manage information in 3D and view it in 2D!

Augmented Reality (future demo)

We are getting our Quest Pro ready...

Contact us at info@umniverse.com

Finally using AR for work productivity!

Your AI Platform (future demo)

We will not do R&D on AI. We will integrate your AI!

So AI companies can offer their services in Umniverse...

... and users choose the best AI for each task and meeting!

Switch to the dimension you prefer: 2D, 3D or VR   

Umniverse pitch for WebSummit 2022

We believe in a transiton where some will move to 3D to be more productive and event to VR. Each participant in its prefered dimension

Web pages in 3D can be richer and easier to navigate!

Umniverse WebSummit 2022 Machine Demo

Watch how easy it is to get into VR and then back to your office. With Augmented Reality you can even be in both!

Web pages in 3D can offer you a more productive workspace!

Future of Global Schools (also in Umniverse)

Future of Global Schools

The most wasted resource in classroom education? The students!
With AR@School we make classes much more dynamic.

Then, with classGroom we open traditional classrooms to students all over the world. Quality education for all can be reached before 2030!

Future of Higher Education (also in Umniverse)

Future of Higher Education

How to quickly setup students activities, choose topics and organize groups?
With our AR markers system we even have time for racing among groups ;-)

See how only 15 markers can disrupt a class with more than 30 students!!!

Feeling lost? Umniverse also has indoor navigation!

Great for Smart Hospitals
Have a gamepad? Umniverse has you covered!

Gamers competitive advantage

Have your site in 3D or VR!!!

Example: show a site, like https://meddia.com/flex25.html, in 3D Umniverse!

Encode your URL here

Append the result to https://umniverse.com/3d/... so we have the following link:


That's all, you can now use the new URL!

NOTE: sites preventing IFRAME embedding must include in response Headers:
X-Frame-Options: ALLOW-FROM https://umniverse.com/

Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors https://umniverse.com/

(setting response headers depends on your type of web server)